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Golden Trines is owned and operated by: Aynne McAvoy
This page was written by the webmaster.


Use the links at the TOP of the page to Navigate this site.
If you have suggestions on how to make Navigating this site more pleasurable let me know.

If the type on a screen is too small or too large for your preference you can change it by going to the "view" button on the Internet Explorer tool bar. Then select text size and change it. I have used Verdana 12 point type on most pages to make easy for ME to read.

You can also go to the tool bar and select tools. Choose the bottom choice, Internet Options. On the bottom of the drop down tab you will see Fonts. On the left side pick Verdana, it's the easiest to read. The right side will probably have Latin based and courier new.

You can use the "back" button on the Internet Explorer tool bar to return to the last page you were on.

 In a few places, the Guest Book for example, you are taken to another site which opens in a separate window. The page you were on is still there underneath the new one. Just close the new window to get back.

To view this site you need to have Java installed and enabled.

This site changes constantly.  Due to lack of negative comment the format of this site has remained relatively constant.


Please contact Aynne if there is an error in content on a page, or if you would like to see something added or changed etc. 
 Send your comments to: Aynne McAvoy.

This is not a RELIGIOUS website. It is a "Spiritual" place where everyone is welcome. If you believe Aliens and UFOs are spiritual you probably won't see them here. There are already plenty of sites that cover the subject much better than we ever could.


Best viewed using Internet Explorer 6.x or newer, in the Windows  resolution of 1024x768.
Graphics used are either owned by us, used by permission or found in the Public Domain.
You may "Link" to this site without permission.
Use of individual items requires permission.
All contents remain owned by; Golden Trines or McAvoy's Jewelry.


I have tried to maintain a light hearted attitude about this site without becoming obnoxious or belittling the subject matter. This site will never be completed so, stop by often to watch it grow.

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