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     Dam it's hard to see from this window.  Looks like she's already changed into her
alien persona non gratta. I can't tell if she still has the three B's or not. She just looks like a slightly thinner lizard than she was before. A thought just came to me. I could get a pair of binoculars and get a closer look. Um maybe not. I don't think I want to see that much.
     I expected belly flop with a big splash, but she hardly made a ripple. Sony's been down there a long time. I wonder what he's doing down there.
     This is too much. I'm going back outside. I can't see a thing from this window.
It's getting darker so if I leave by the garage door at the front I can sneak around back.
The hedge in front of the chain link fence should block the view enough so I can find a good spot as long as I'm quiet about it.
     Now if I lie on the open steps going up to the deck I should be able to see most everything. Nope this isn't going to work. I guess I'll have to crawl up to the deck and peek through the lattice.
Well, well what do we have here? Three more getting into the pool. Must be the kids. Must be getting crowed down there. I haven't heard a sound, not even their stupid dog barking.  Now it's clear to me why these, these "people" are so strange. They really are strange. No wonder they don't know how to act.
     Now what do I do. They could be down there for hours since they've been down there this long already. Wait, it looks like something is coming out of the water. It's a ...  It's a... Gee I don't know what it is. It looks like a blob of green Jell-O. A really big blob of green Jell-O. With fruits inside! It's rising like a balloon and it's getting transparent. I can't see it at all now it's just disappeared.
     This is what I get for being nosey. What am I going to do now? My wife will think, "yeah right", just like I did when she told me someone she knew had seen a lizard driving a car. It's too close to Halloween so no one is going to believe me.

     Well I can't lay here for ever, it's getting cold and the wind is picking up. Maybe I could slip into their back yard and get a better look. Yeah and get arrested for trespassing while I'm at it. What the heck. I'll just climb over this part of the fence where there isn't any hedge, take a quick look and go back home.
     Aarg, I guess I'm getting to old for climbing fences. This wasn't such a good idea. I should have just used the gate at the front. No someone might see me. Finally I'm over,  let's have a look.
     Boy this pool deck is really slimy and this stuff really stinks. Oh no, I'm falling! . I'm sinking to the bottom and I can't move my arms fast enough through this jellowy stuff to get back to the top. I'm going to drown and end up like that rat.
     Something is happening around me. I'm being enveloped by a force that's separating the green Jell-O. It's lifting me up. I don't feel like I'm breathing, but I'm not dead. I can still move my arms and legs. My eyes are open, but I can't see through this stuff. I think I'm going really fast now. This is definitely not good.
     I've lost my sense of time and I think I've stopped moving. This force stuff seems to be melting away. The green Jell-O is gone and the force is gone, but I still feel like I'm enveloped in some kind of membrane. It's too dark to see anything, but I hear (feel?) some kind of hum around me.
     Something has me by the arms and is pulling me. I can see a faint light and it's getting closer. I still can't see what's pulling me. Now I'm scared.
I can see faint shapes through this membrane stuff. I must be breathing, but I don't know how.  The crap is going to hit the fan now. Abducted, uninvited and I was worried about trespassing.
     I hear (feel?) voices now, arguing. Well that's not new. Sounds like Lennelle and Brattney having a hissy fit about something. I'm being pulled still closer.
Brattney is a nice looking dark haired girl about 17 going on 5.

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