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     She was screaming when we moved next door, she would have been about 4, and she's been screaming ever since. It's like she couldn't learn to talk normal. She has a murderous disposition, ask her father. She stabbed him in the arm with a screw driver during one of their last family discussions.
     I can see clearly now, sort of. I don't see any walls, but I appear to be in a room.
Faint lights appear to be suspended in mid air in an  orderly fashion. A control room?
I can see what's been pulling me now. Sony on one side and Gosh on the other.
     Gosh is an ordinary looking, goofy acting dark haired boy about 19 years old. I sense Gosh is about as exciting as watching paint dry. He's the only one I've never heard scream. Actually I'm not sure if he can talk.
There is no sensation of gravity, but we all are oriented the same way and not floating around. We seem to walking on the same plane, but there is no floor, just like the walls.
     Sony is yelling at the kids now, but I can't make out what he's saying. He swats at Brattney. She makes blood curdling scream and swats him back. Gosh is still holding on to my arm, but he isn't hurting me. I can't pull away from him. He has a bored look on his face like he'd rather be doing something else. Witchney drags her sister away apparently trying to console her.
     Witchney is an attractive blond girl about 21 years old. She acts kinda goofy just like Gosh. I can't quite put my finger on it. I don't thing she walks right. She can scream along with the rest of them though.
     Lennelle has been berating everyone. She acts like she's in charge, but has lost control. Now it's my turn. Lenelle faces me and grabs me by the throat with her scaled webbed hand. She's mad that I had the audacity to meddle in their affairs. I keep my mouth shut. Actually I'm afraid to open it, that I might suck in what ever this atmosphere is made of. Lennell's flicking tongue isn't helping either, but I won't go down that road.
She pushes me away and calls me stupid. "I'll fix you", she says.
     I can't figure out if I'm hearing all this with my ears or with my mind. I can't cover
ears because Gosh is still holding my arms.
     Brattney has broken away from her sister and is coming up behind her mother.
She has what looks like a screw driver in her hand. As she strikes at Lenelle, Lenelle moves out of the way and Brattney jabs it into my left ear.
     Everything goes black like I had passed out. I guess I did because when I woke up Sony was standing over me in my driveway. Brattney is screaming at her mother. Lennelle is trying to back her car out of the driveway and Brattney wants to get in the car.
     Gosh is trying to figure out how to turn his car alarm off. Did I mention he's the only person I know who locks his car with the windows down?  Witchney's out here too. She looks a little dazed I think Brattney stabbed her too.
     Sony said he saw me fall and hit my head, was I all right and would I like to buy more Insurance?

No...I'm not alright. I'm dead and I've gone to Hell with the Osbornes.

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