What happens during my reading?
        A. Aynne first takes your information, being the date, time and location of your birth. **If you don't know what time you were born, please try to find this out before coming in.  She then works up an astrology chart and sets up the board.  During this time you are shuffling the tarot cards in preparation of your part of the reading, silently concentrating on your questions.  After the data is entered, the board set up and the cards well shuffled the reading begins.   The system that Aynne invented to use for these readings is pretty inclusive, involving many different areas of your life that will be covered.
How long will my reading be?
         A. Most readings last 30 minutes.  Some readings do go beyond that time.  Aynne is watchful of your time and will let you know when you get to the 30 minute mark, and will ask if you if you want to continue.
How much is the reading or the Reiki Treatment?
          A.  Readings or treatments run $50.00 for the first half hour. You will be asked if you want to continue past that point, if there is need.  The rate beyond the 30 minute mark is $1.00 a minute past that time.
Can I ask questions?
         A.   There is time to ask questions at the end of the reading.  Most clients say that most of their questions were already answered during the reading.  You are asked NOT to interrupt during the reading.  For the best quality reading you can receive, please adhere to this.
Can someone else come in with me?
          A.  It is fine to bring another person in with you during your reading if you both are comfortable with it.  Otherwise, they can wait in another room and watch tv or read.
I have a particular problem that I want Aynne to address.  Can she just concentrate on that?
           A.  Aynne has a pattern of doing each person's reading.  USUALLY the client's questions are answered during that time; however there is time at the end of the reading for more concentration in a certain area of your life if need be.
I've never had a reading before. I'm a little scared. What happens?
          A.  Aynne has a lot of first time clients as well as repeat clients.  She hasn't  scared anyone yet!  You will be greeted at the door by Aynne, and taken into the office and be asked to make yourself  comfortable on the futon.  There  sometimes  is soft music playing and sometimes a scented candle burning, but otherwise it is a fun brightly lit  office.
How accurate is Aynne?
         A. That is a tough question to answer. She has been in business for over 16 years, and has many repeat clients that have been with her for years. Many of her clients praise her highly and much of her new business is referrals from other happy clients.  All that taken into account?  People must be pleased with her accuracy.
Are readings taped, and if so, why?
        A.  Aynne always tapes every reading.  She realizes that she talks very fast and even the most attentive person could miss something.   She also wants you to have a record of your reading that you can refer back to, as often as you need to.
What if I have more questions the next day or the next week?
        A. You MUST ask your questions at the time of the reading. 
How often can I get a reading?
        A.  Aynne has a strict 3 month rule waiting period between appointments.
I saw a sign in her office that says For Entertainment Only. What does that mean?
        A. New York State law says that all psychic readings are for Entertainment Only.
I think I have a ghost in my house. Can Aynne help?
         A.  Aynne has done her share of 'ghost' hunting. Each case is examined individually for the best approach.
I think my child has a gift of psychic ability. Can Aynne talk to them and help them?
        A.  Aynne has consulted with several parent/child clients, to assist them in learning how to best handle their gift, and direct them to the best resources.
How is a Reiki treatment done?
       A.  Aynne is a Reiki Master Teacher, which means she not only can do a Reiki Treatment, but also attunements.   You are made comfortable in a chair, while soft music plays and she quietly works with the Reiki energy and the energy of your body.  The hands never touch your body and you remain clothed at all times.  You just come in, sit down, relax, and she opens the Reiki energy and begins to work with it.  You will be asked to relay any pleasant sensations you may experience, as a validation.  She has had clients become so comfortable they begin to doze in the chair.  
How is a past life regression done?
     A.  As previously stated, Aynne is a Reiki Master Teacher, and uses those skills in doing a past life regression.  You will be asked to make yourself comfortable on the futon, head on the pillow, while she holds her hands underneath the bottom of your skull.   After a brief relaxation exercise, you will be taken into the past life regression experience. Where you 'go' is strictly up to you.  Your entire experience will be taped for your later review.
Does Aynne do parties, special events or shows?
     A. Aynne often does many special events, including house parties, guest speaker for events and meetings, business parties, psychic fairs, etc.     You will need to talk to her personally to set up your event with her.  She has many years of experience in all these areas.
If you still have questions or there is something you don't understand PLEASE send Aynne an email or call her office at 315 452-3387