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Palace Theater (theater), Syracuse, New York, United States

Kirk Douglas film to play at Palace may be his last
Here is the Post Standard Review

It may be the last film ever made by veteran actor Kirk Douglas. The star has said publicly he has no plans for another.
The film is "Illusion," in which he portrays a legendary film director, Donald Baines, who, as the film opens, lies dying in his private screening room. Late one night, Douglas' character is awakened by the ghostly image of his former film editor - a man who has been dead more than 35 years. Suddenly, Baines is transported to an old movie theater, where unexpected visions are revealed to him.
Directed by and co-starring Michael Goorjian, the original screenplay was written by Ron Marasco, who also acts in the film, Tressa Di Figlia Brendon and Chris Horvath.
Joan Vadeboncoeur writes for CNY, Weekend and Stars.


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