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     Recently I asked for Prayers and Reiki for a dear friend that is very very ill.  I was talking to a mutual friend of ours, and said "Please call your Prayer tree, or Prayer Chain, or contact your Prayer list about her." She amazed me when she said she didn't have any contacts like that!

     I just presumed that everyone had someplace they could go to request prayer/Reiki healing when it was needed.  So many of us have each other, but it is such a surprise to learn that so many others have no one to ask!

     In light of this, we have added this Prayer/Reiki section to our website, to have a request for prayer and/or healing posted, you need to write to me personally   and ask for your need to be posted there.  We will be most happy to do so.

     Please keep all requests short and to the point, and include at least
the first name and city/state of the person in need.

Please note, my site is non-denominational.


1. Prayer/Reiki Healing requests can be sent to Aynne via email at Please keep it short and to the point. We may do some modifications to your request, such as correction in grammar or spelling. Also please include the person's first name, and the city/state they live in.

2. Prayer requests will be added to the site as soon as they are received, within reason. Obviously the more serious the request, the faster the post will be made on the web site. This section of our site is designed for people in dire need of prayer or healing.

3. People coming into the Prayer section of our site are asked to also take a minute to pray for or send Reiki healing to anyone already on the list.

4. Please keep us updated, if the person and/or situation has improved and we should take the request off the list. We hope to be of service to all those people who do not have the aid of a Prayer Chain, Prayer Tree, or active Prayer group to turn to.

In harmony, Aynnie McAvoy

Prayer/ Healing Request

Prayer List Addition:     Connie Collier - Cancer. T Cell Lymphoma Blastic.  Racine, WI

Prayers and Reiki for Jim Stiles of Syracuse, NY for bladder cancer.
Prayers and Reiki for Cheryl McMahon, of Hastings, NY for various serious health issues