Golden Trines Reading List

Some of these Authors are included on our Links page

Book Title Author  Any Book by these Authors
Embraced by Angels William Burt  
Celestine Prophecy James Redfield James Redfield
The Tenth Insight
Celestine Vision
The Secret of Shambhala
Spirit Walker, Medicine Maker, Vision Seeker Hank Wessleman Hank Wessleman
Angel Animals Anderson Marianne Williamson
Expect Miracles Mary Ellen Sylvia Brown
Christmas is for Miracles Deepak Chopra
Conversations with God I, II & III Neal D Walsh Neal D Walsh

Phoenix Rising

Mary Summer Rain Mary Summer Rain

Out On A Limb

Shirley McClain Shirley McClain

Saved by the Light

Dannion Brinkley Dannion Brinkley
Reiki-Healing Touch William Rand William Rand
(any Reiki book)
Living in the Light Shakti Gawain Shakti Gawain
Seat of the Soul Gary Zukov Gary Zukov
The Herb Book John Lust Lynn Grabhorn
Herbs Readers Digest James Twyman
The Messengers Don Bunick Caryolyn Myss
LOVE IS IN THE EARTH Melody Ramond Moody
Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Cyrstal, Gem & Metal Magic Scott Cunningham Noel Tyl
(any Astrology book)
Gemstone Feng Shui Sandra Kynes Aynne McAvoy
Essential Reiki Diane Stein Edgar Cayce 
The Essentials Carlos Castaneda Dannion Brinkley books
A Course In Miracles   Ruth Montgomery
Creative Visualization   Carolyn Myss
The Teachings of don Juan (1968)   Michael Newton
A Seperate Reality (1971)    
Journey to Ixtlan (1972)    
Tales of Power (1974)    
The Second Ring of Power (1977)    
The Eagles Gift (1981)    
The Fire from Within (1984)    
The Power of Silence (1988)    
The Art of Dreaming (1993)    
Magical Passes (1998)    
Hank Wessleman  Spirit Walker, Medicine Maker, Vision Seeker
   any book*
Edgar Cayce any book*
Talking to Heaven   James Van Prague
Dannion Brinkley books
Wayne Dyer*   You Can Change Your Life, Inspiration  * any book
Sylvia Browne * any book
Ruth Montgomery * any book
Greg Braden  The Isaiah Effect or   Fractal Time  * any book]
Eckhart Tolle  The Power of Now
David Bennett  Voyage of Purpose
Carolyn Myss   *Any book
Esther and Jerry Hicks * Any book
The Secret Rhonda Byrne
Louise Hay  * any book
Dan Millman * The Way of the Peaceful Warrior  * any book
Michael Newton * any book
A Course in Miracles
A Course in Love
** On the web page....the last ten current books are all written by Carlos Castenada - it is a little confusing