Alternative Natural Healing
(this is not a substitute for medical care provided by a Licensed Physician)

Reiki "may" not work unless the recipient believes it will work.

This is my personal opinion and is not what is universally taught. I believe if I want something to work there is a much better chance it WILL work than if I had noopinion or was skeptical, but giving it a try.

What I was taught is that if a person outwardly accepts a healing what ever happens is what is meant happen. A person can outwardly accept a healing, but inwardly block the energy beacause their subconcious won't let them believe due to other previous conditioning.

Reiki is completely safe and although there can sometimes be a short temporary intensification of pain, it is short lived.

Reiki should be applied immediately, when possible, to promote faster healing. The possiblity that a person should seek professional medical attention should never be ignored, but early application may make the illness, injury etc. heal faster.

Long term illnesses may need long term care.
Most illnesses may require at least four treatments done on four consecutive days if possible. Marked improvement should be noticed after the third day.

Reiki works best when applied in a calm, quiet environment.
Reiki can reduce stress and promote relaxation. You don't have to be ill for Reiki to still be beneficial.

Aynne & Ed McAvoy are Master Reiki practioners

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