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By Rev. Aynne McAvoy
Spiritual Counselor

What's in the Stars?

Lions and Tigers and Retrogrades! OH MY!

This month it's all about reviewing our priorities, whether they be in love, money, home, business, our children or our health.

We have three pretty major retrogrades happening this month. If you have been reading this column for any length of time, you will know that retrogrades are the ideal time to do a review on your life on what isn't working. Then take that list and begin to rework those things that need attention. You may need to revisit some ideas that you put on the shelf in the past, revise them, then try some trial balloons to see if they work now.

Saturn leads the parade as it turns retrograde in Libra on April 2nd and returns back into Virgo on April 8. Saturn will remain in retrograde status until May 30. Did you ever see such a mismatch as Saturn (stern task master) in Libra...the easy going - anything goes sign?

Actually this retrograde motion back into Virgo once again is a blessing. Saturn is much more comfortable in Virgo, and we get the chance to look at things once again that were important in our lives that occurred between September 2007 and October 2009. Once again, due to the seriousness of Saturn, we should examine issues of health, money or work and see how far we have progressed in our goals. Virgo is such a great sign for making sure things are exactly as they should be; we can evaluate this retrograde to see if we have gotten off course at all since Saturn entered Libra. Should we find any place that needs correction, these two months are the time to address that.

Pluto begins her retrograde journey in Capricorn on April 6th lasting all the way through September 13, 2010. Capricorn, if you recall, is the serious minded, "Git Er Done" sign, and Pluto of course is the planet of intensity. Capricorn is often concerned in business and work matters. This is the perfect time for you to review your position where you work, as well as the kind of work you are doing. Are you headed in the direction? Are you in the right position to get where you want to go? If not, let's step back and reevaluate the situation and see what needs to be changed. Is there too much stress at work? If this cannot be alleviated in any way while you are in the work place, then perhaps you need to look at ways outside the work place to help balance your life out in a more harmonious way.

The final retrograde is the one you are probably most familiar with. Mercury will be up to her old mischief beginning on April 17th and lasting until May 11. Once again we are looking at a sign that is focused on long term security. The natives of Taurus will be most affected, and the other earth signs will be second in line for upsets and confusions during this time. Matters concerning the home, children, relationships and health will be foremost in everyone's mind. As usual during the Mercury Retrograde period, double check all appointments, phone numbers, dates and times. Show extra reserve when holding conversations with anyone, as your words could be misinterpreted. Make sure any emails you send with important information can be easily understood. Try not to make any long term commitments or travel arrangements now, as things can quickly backfire once Mercury has returned to her direct motion on May 11.
We also have a Venus in Taurus square Mars in Leo happening from April 1 (no, not an April fools joke!) to April 10, and the same days we have a lovely trine between Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn.

The Venus (female energy) square (challenge) Mars (male energy) for a full ten days should be interesting for all of us! There is a lot of sexual energy in this aspect so remember that when this square is over, you will still have that person to deal with!

The Venus and Pluto trine indicates strong energy towards the nesting instinct on these days as well. The is the energy that promotes singles into couples, couples into families, couples into buying their first home....well you get the idea.

Take the square and the trine happening on the exact same days, and you could have some really interesting reality TV happening..only in your own living room!

This energy can also be put to good use for that new exercise plan or healthy eating that you have been putting off.

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As usual, take what you need and leave the rest. I am always just a toll free phone call away to talk to you for a consultation on where your current life path is going. Call 1-866-729-6643 or 386-437-9791 for an appointment.

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