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By Rev. Aynne McAvoy
Spiritual Counselor

What's in the Stars?

Another Valentine's day is nearly upon us, and millions of human males and females across the world are wondering if they will find their sweetheart, if they will meet their sweetheart soon, or even if they will remain with their sweetheart.

We have the solar eclipse in Capricorn as well as the Mercury retrograde over and done with about two weeks ago, so that upsetting energy is out of the way.

We are ready for a more peaceful, harmonious and loving existence in our lives.

The Sun will be in harmonious Aquarius during Valentine's day moving into Pisces a few days later on the 19th.  Mercury will also have moved into Aquarius on the 11th of February, joining Neptune which is already posited there, making it's long sojourn through that sign.

Jupiter just entered peaceful Pisces at the of January for about one year,  which joins the Sun and Uranus.  Saturn is still transiting Libra and even Mars is much more laid back, as it continues it's retrograde motion in Leo.   Of course we are paying special attention to Venus, the planet of love, which joins Jupiter and Uranus all in Pisces.

Things are lining up very nicely for a banner Valentines' Day!

Venus in Pisces is very artistic, and you may want to personally make your sweetheart their valentine this year.  This could be a handmade card, a painting, a wonderful dinner cooked especially for them, or even finding a romantic song written especially for them,  letting them know you love them.  I recall my husband's first and only poem written to me before we were married. I still have it.

Jupiter in Pisces of course indicates expansion in a very positive way!  Uranus, as you all know, is the planet of sudden and unexpected surprises, so the combination of Love, Expansion and Surprises is a very positive one.

Valentine's Day falls on the Chinese New Year this year, the year of the Metal Tiger.  This is considered an auspicious year, and aids  with being courageous, lucky and self reliant.  All these traits are wonderful when coupled with the stars on St. Valentine's Day, as we each must be whole and complete within ourselves before adding another person's energy to ours.

There is magic in the air this Valentine's Day with the Sun at 25' Aquarius conjunct Neptune (the planet of dreams and wishes) at 26' Aquarius.

Valentine's from all over the world will be following their dreams, their hopes and wishes, towards their true love.  It's ok to be corny on Valentine's Day, for love is what truly does make the world go around!

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As usual, take what you need and leave the rest. I am always just a toll free phone call away to talk to you for a consultation on where your current life path is going. Call 1-866-729-6643 or 386-437-9791 for an appointment.

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