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By Rev. Aynne McAvoy
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What's in the Stars?

A Powerful Happy New Year by: Aynne McAvoy

We start the new year of 2010 with a significant blast from the universe, which is a partial lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer at 10' on a blue moon December 31, 2009. Why am I discussing something that happened on the last day of 2009? The effects of any eclipse are long lasting, weeks prior and after to the event itself. This event is so powerful, so very unusual, that this deserves a huge banner headline!

A blue moon event is unusual enough in itself, (two full moons in one month). An eclipse on a blue moon is even more unusual, an eclipse on a blue moon on New Year's Eve? We are looking at an event that is extremely unusual! This will be the sixth eclipse of the year, which is also very unusual, in that most years have only four. I went back several years in my ephemeris, and didn't find any other New Year's Eve in recent memory that was like this one. I found one short article that said on December 31, 1880 there was Partial solar eclipse on New Year’s Eve, but no mention of it being on a blue moon.

When we look at lunar eclipses, we look at both the sign the eclipse falls into as well its opposite sign. The eclipse falls into 10' Cancer which is in opposition to Capricorn 10'. Among other things, Cancer is the sign of nurturing and mothering, the family and home while Capricorn is practical, dutiful and organized.

In some geographical regions, the blue moons are anticipated as being harbingers of great good luck, love, happiness and prosperity. The Sabian symbol for 10' Cancer is "A large diamond in the first stage of the cutting process."

The eclipsed issues will be very important to all of us for the first few months of 2010. Eclipse's always uncover or reveal something that has been hidden and what that something is, whether on a personal level or a national level, should become apparent to us soon. This blue moon eclipse will affect every person on earth in some way, however anyone who has strong Cancer or Capricorn in their chart (Sun, Moon, ascendant, house cusp etc) will be affected even more so. The 12/31 eclipse falls within 3’ of our nation’s natal sun, in the 7th house of partnerships. I look for the hope of better political relationship issues, in our own country and across the world.

There is also a solar eclipse occurring on the new moon on January 15th in 25' Capricorn. Is your Sun, Moon or Ascendant on or within 20 – 29’ Capricorn of this eclipse? The Sabian symbol for 25' Capricorn is "A store filled with precious oriental rugs."

I highly recommend that you get a copy of your own natal chart. These are free online, and one place you might use is www.astro.com or http://www.alabe.com/freechart/.

I will touch on both Cancer and Capricorn as well as the each house of the wheel very briefly.
January 2010 What's in the Stars - The Eclipses Take Center Stage!

Eclipse in Cancer:
Your sensitivity in all areas, but especially those concerning your home and family, will be greatly heightened. Your intuition should be very 'loud' and very accurate.

Eclipse in Capricorn: New doors of opportunity should open for you. Your hard work and determination over the long months and years should pay off very soon.

1st house:An eclipse on your ascendant or first house, will touch you personally and physically. This often affects your physical image, when you make some positive changes.

2nd house: This eclipse can bring a windfall or new opportunities for increased income.

3rd house: There may be changes, either in your neighborhood or in your travel opportunities. (short distance travel)

4th house: This is one of the angular houses, and more important. An eclipse here can indicate a move to a different home, or a distinct change within the current home.

5th house: This house rules romance, children and luck. An eclipse here can bring a new romance or a new child into your life.

6th house: Health issues and job/work area are highlighted in this house. An improved health issue, a new job or just a better working environment is possible.

7th house: This is your partnership house, business and/or marital. There is potential for a new partnership in your life that will bring great fulfillment.

8th house
Changes in such things as partnership money, sex, regeneration. If the eclipse is in a good aspect to Venus or Jupiter it will start a better financial period.

9th House: This house covers learning, teaching and long distance trips. An eclipse here could bring studying in a foreign country!

10th house: This is the house of your career and social standing. The changes that this eclipse brings about could definitely benefit both those areas of your life.

11th house: An eclipse in this house brings new goals and new friendships, both of which will be around a long time in your life.

12th house: This is the karmic house, the house of secrets. More than any other house, this eclipse placement would promise that secrets will indeed be revealed, for good or nil depends on the karmic issue at hand.

I wish everyone the happiest year possible!

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