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By Rev. Aynne McAvoy
Spiritual Counselor

What's in the Stars?

I am an astrologer, and I take advantage of that knowledge whenever possible, especially when starting something new. I created a chart for my business, Golden Trines, twenty years ago when I began this path. I deliberately chose the date and time, knowing that this was the most auspicious timing for what I wanted to do.

Today, as I write this column, I will be opening my new office here in Palm Coast Florida. Once again, the date and timing were very important to me, to give myself the biggest astrological boost I could. It is no accident that my grand opening will take place on a new moon in Aquarius, at 2 PM which is a very good partnership time. ( I have a partner in my office, as well as I consider each client to be a partner during the time of their reading.)

I am sharing this with you, as there may well be a reader who is contemplating starting a new marriage, building a new home, or yes, perhaps opening a new business. It will greatly benefit you to choose your timing well for any new adventure, which will continue to bless you long after that new start.
To continue with the partnership theme of this month of March 2010, there may be a few bends in the road the next 30 days or so.

Mercury enters Pieces on March 1, which we may find our communications with others a bit wobbly and hard to pin down. While this is not a retrograde action, Mercury in Pisces is something to take into account when having important discussions with others. People can seem hard to pin down now. We also seem to have quite a few oppositions from several major planets this month, which have a tendency to create some stress.

Mars finally goes direct in Leo on March 10, but that is not necessarily a positive thing. Mars has been rather laid back the last few months during it's retrograde stint, and now is fully awake and back to it's former assertive self.

We remember "Beware the Ides of March" from Shakespeare which referred to a festive day dedicated to the god Mars and a military parade was usually held. Once again we may want to beware the Ides of March and Mars getting all dressed up for his military parade!

We start seeing some sunshine through the clouds on March 20, which of course is the Spring Equinox. Things begin to become more balanced at that time. This day would be a good time to evaluate where you life has been headed so far, and take the advantage of the fresh start of the Equinox to begin again.

It looks like most of the month may test all of us at some point, and my suggestion is to just stop and breathe slowly in and out a few times, before anything is said that cannot be taken back. Remember, this too shall pass.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest.  I am always just a toll free phone call away to talk to you for a consultation on where your current life path is going. Call 1-866-729-6643 or 386-437-9791 for an appointment.   I have the new Skype web cam availability for your readings, where we can actually see each other, no matter how far away!   www.GoldenTrines.com

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As usual, take what you need and leave the rest. I am always just a toll free phone call away to talk to you for a consultation on where your current life path is going. Call 1-866-729-6643 or 386-437-9791 for an appointment.

Aynne, owner of Golden Trines Metaphysical Products and Services,
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