Denver Seminar

Old News, but we had a great time

I'll try to shorten this up as much as possible....I kept a little journal during the trip. As short as I am trying to keep it, it will still be quite long, and divided into two parts, Colorado Springs, and Denver.

Friday July 25
Ed and I arrive at Denver Airport. It then takes 3 1/2 hours to get to Co Sprints, due to traffic jams and thunder storms. Went "adventuring" that night, found a neat convenience store.

Sat July 26
Ed and I go to the Co Springs Flea market, which is huge! Left early due to
another thunder storm, and back to hotel, where I had left a note for April and Gayle. They were there, although they never did get the note......(that was delivered back to me, under my door at 11pm that night!)
The four of us headed out to Ghost Town, which was bits and pieces of real
ghost towns, preserved into one area. Neat. Later had dinner at Jose
Muldoon's......(an Irish Mexican Rest....) where I decided to try the Margarita
special. The waiter said they were five real little glasses of different margaritas. Nope. Five pretty good sized glasses, with their own little mat! Took me
quite awhile to get through them all! LOL.....told the other three they would
have to carry me to the car.

Sunday 7/27
Ed, I, Gayle and April went to Garden of the Gods. We stopped at the Visitors Center, and had a light breakfast on the observation deck (gorgeous!)
Did a little shopping there. Then went to the Trading Post, which is room upon room of southwest shopping. We ALL had a good time there...(some made a couple trips back there!) Drove around the Garden of the Gods, stopping for
a short hike. If you go, make sure you do this! The energy there was
fantastic! The time was getting close to do some meditating, but all spots were too busy, too hot, etc. We then drove to Balancing Rock, where April found
a wonderful cool shaded natural bench within a big rock adjacent. THAT
was the spot where we connected with the Lifting of the Veil, and the
wonderful trines at that time. Ed found an old gnarled tree across the road,
where he was picking up a lot of energy, so we all followed suit, perching on
the old trees roots and branches. If you have never hugged a tree, try it!
The energy is amazing.
Later we took the trolley up to Maniteu Springs, tasting a few of the seven
natural springs there, eating lunch and more shopping. A nasty thunder storm moved in, and we all got pretty soaked waiting for the trolley to bring us back down, plus the trolley was packed, and one side was open, where the rain was pelting in.
When we got back to the hotel, Kate and Nancy had arrived, and all but Ed
went to Gayle's room to wrap Ed's b-day presents. Had dinner at Garfield's.

Monday 7/28
Ed, I, April and Nancy drove back to the Visitors Center and to the Trading Post, then started towards Cripple Creek. On the way, Nancy spotted a rock shop, and said "should we stop?" I shouted yes, although I really didn't want to stop. (remember that)......We pulled into the shop, which was part of someone's home. There was an old lady and a young boy in the shop.
April called my attention to a stone in one of the cases, when I smelled and
saw a lot of smoke, which was billowing out of an old taped up cob jobed
electrical cord. We shouted that there was smoke. The young boy moved slowly over to turn off something on the wall. We all agreed that if we had not stopped at the shop when we did, there surely would have been a fire there.
We continued up to Cripple Creek, where we had a free lunch in one of the
Casinos, and of course, did some gambling there!
On the way back down, we stopped at Green Mt Falls. We had a pretty steep hike up to the falls, but it was well worth the trip! The falls were lovely, and the quiet of the trees and rocks and surroundings, as well as the delightful pine smells, were
well worth it. There had been so much rain, that we could see by the looks of the path, with deep runoff ruts, that this was not the place to be in another storm, so made our way back down the path.

Later that night, we all went to The Hungry Farmer, across the road from the hotel.
We had been discussing the energy we were feeling from the area. There was a young waiter, hovering nearby, listening to us. Finally, he walked up to our table, and said he had been listening, and asked us "Have any of you ever read the
Celestine Prophecy?" We all broke into laughter at once! We explained to him
why we were all in Colorado, and delighted in this synchronicity.

Tuesday 7/29
Kate and Gayle and Ed and I had a little Jacuzzi time that morning.
That afternoon, we met at 1pm to see Seven Falls. The area around 7 Falls is
again breathtaking, and the falls themselves as well. We rode the elevator to
the top of one of the observation decks, where hundreds of chipmunks waited.
They were everywhere! Food was available to feed them, and of course, we did.
Took the steps down, 186 of them. Some of the others climbed another set of steps right next to the falls, I think April made it all the way to the top. There was
flute music piped throughout the whole park, haunting and serene.
Later we all had dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and all came back to our room to
watch some video of the trip so far. I then did a Reiki past life regression on
Gayle, (which she can tell you all about). As I talked some of the others went
"along" on the trip as well.

End of Part I
Beginning of Part II
Wednesday July 30
We arrived in Denver, (Ed, I, Gayle, April, Nancy and Katie) around 1pm, and right away went to find Judy and give her hugs. I gave Judy her own Celestine stone, for all the help she gave us on this trip. A small token of our great appreciation. Terry had already checked in, and she
and Becky found us shortly after. Somehow all the maps that Dan had dropped off
to the hotel to get to his house were mislaid by one of the staff, and I placed a couple panic calls to Dan's machine. Dan and his friend Dave showed up while we
were eating lunch, and whisked Ed away to Coors as was preplanned. We then scurried off to Dan's house, where his wife Dawn was waiting, (otherwise known as Mrs. Dan). She and I took off to the store to pick up the cake and food trays while the others decorated the house. (The decorations - Over the Hill - had been picked up for me by Gayle the week before and brought in her suitcase to Colorado).
Dan called on their way home to make sure the coast was clear.
They walked in a short while later, and we all hollered SURPRISE!!! The pizza was delivered, and Judy and Nancy arrived shortly after. Dan's sister in law and her friend also came.
We (the CP group) did a great chorus line thing for the video cameras....and hope to get part of this out to you. Eddie opened his presents, many of which were
gag gifts, and then we lit the candles on the cake....all 50 of them. Little did Ed
know they were not the kind you can blow out! This back fired on us, as the smoke detector went on, and the candles were melting on the cake!
I also gave Dan his own celestine stone for helping us so much with the party.
Wound up back at the hotel around 11pm, and pooped, but had a great time.

Thurs July 31
Ed and Terry and I walked the 16th Street Mall, which is a fantastic place....folks sitting on the ground playing music for money thrown, another dressed up as a name it, it was there. April, Gayle, Nancy and Dan's sister Donna went to a glacier.
The rest of the afternoon and evening is covered in another post, as this was the
evening we met up with JW, James and Salle Redfield.
We did eat in town that night, at the Rock Bottom, where we saw a gal sitting at a table with an Iguana on her head! They both seemed quite comfortable. Also, while waiting for our table, Terry needed some energy, so gave her a mini Reiki session right there on the street. Denver seems to be a pretty "with it" community, and no
one seemed to even notice!

Fri Aug 1
Nancy and Gayle went to the Continental Divide, and Ed, I, April, Terry, Donna and her friend Linda left for Red Rocks. (Dan left for his vacation in Indiana that a.m.)
While walking along a path at Red Rocks, we actually found rocks with specks of gold in it. Guess I got my gold mining in after all! We also found a piece of broken off cactus, and I promptly placed it in my vest to take home to root. However, the
stickies went right thru the vest, so I found it another home in my backpack.
(Said cactus seems to be doing well here at home now, with all my other cactus.)
We always gave cornmeal back to the earth when we took something, whether it be rocks, or flowers or cactus.....
Red Rocks was fantastic....words just don't do it......awesome, maybe.
After Red Rocks, we went to Ofallon Park in Denver. A small home-community
park, with a marvelous stream and rocks and wildlife. Very serene, and once again, connected with the energy there as well.
That night was the party at Judy's house. Good food and good company. (Great tortilla h'orderves, Judy!) Paul was able to join us there, as were Donna and Linda, and a guest of Judy's. I had a long "talk" with her dog and a longer talk with her new cat,
Chloe. By talk, I mean I am learning to do Animal Speak, from my friend the animal communicator. It seems to have helped the situation between the dog and the cat.
This night was also good bye to Nancy and Gayle, who both were leaving in the early morning. Sad parting.

Saturday Aug 2
Terry, Judy, April, Ed and I all went to the Mile High Flea Market, in two cars, Judy and I in one, and the rest in the other. Judy and I got into the HOV lane, (we weren't quite sure what that was, but did it anyway) and lost sight of the other car.
We pulled into the Flea Market, and realized how huge it was, and we had never
set up a meeting place in case we got separated. We drove around the lot three times looking down each row for them, and I was "tapping" like crazy" for them.
(We used tapping a lot last week, whenever one seemed to get separated from the rest, and sure enough, we would always find the other with no problem.) I was still
tapping like crazy on our third trip through the lot, when Judy slowed the car, and
said "There's something pink chasing us!" Sure enough, it was April, (wearing her pink shorts outfit) who had hopped out of the second car, which was right behind us the whole time.....running
to our car to tell us to quit looking for them! After a big sigh of relief that we were
all together, we got a lot of laughs out of that one!
We had planned to visit Donna at her house later, but it was so late when we got back from the Market we shelved that idea, changed our clothes, and walked over to Larimer Square, to Champions Mini Brewery. Ate outside, in perfect weather, and then went inside and downstairs, where we played pool for hours and had a grand time! None of us are any pool sharks, which made it even more fun.
We all came back up to our room, where we had some drinks and munchies, and
analyzed our week together. This is where April came up with the idea that we all
were seeds that would be planted across the US.

Sunday Aug 3
Last day in Colorado. April left early a.m. and Ed and I met Terry and Katie for
breakfast and last goodbyes. We had watched the energy build all week as we
added our numbers, and now were watching as one by one we had to leave.
It was sad, yet each of us knew we were taking something beautiful away with us.
It wasn't just the fun, nor the tourist was the wonderful connection
that we made with each other. Terry put it beautifully in her poem that she wrote, of our time together.

This was long, I know, but I did really try to keep it all pretty short. I know I left a lot out, but you get the general idea, and I'm sure other "cats trip" members will add to this. We hope to do this again next year, at a place yet to be decided. I hope more of us can come together, and share this wonderful energy once again. We would also like to see others coming together the same way, in little groups here and there, (and this has already begun.)
Without any question, some of the most beautiful people in the world are located right here in these study groups.

Love and much light to all,

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