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Reiki Master, Teacher using the Usui System of Natural Healing Since July 1996

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 Aynne McAvoy is a Psychic Astrologer and Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Golden Trines Metaphysical in Palm Coast, Florida.
She moved to Palm Coast in June 2009, from Syracuse, NY.
She was in business there 20 years, including teaching, doing speaking engagements, shows and appearances, Radio, TV and newspaper interviews.
She has been a columnist and free lance writer for several years for the Holistic Resource, The Metaphysical Times, Women in Motion, and Fate Magazine.


Book promotions, Radio programs, Lectures

Private Parties

 Aynne is doing private parties in her conference room in her new office building. It is so easy to do a psychic party at Golden Trines Conference Center! Just ask your guests, bring your refreshments and show up!! No cleaning of your house, no stress!! Call me at 437-9791 to find out how to give your party!

Readings In Person

Aynne combines Astrology training with her extreme Psychic talent to give you a reading with several dimensions. The reading is recorded for you to take home for reference. In office readings by appointment are $60.00 for the first half hour, and $2.00 a minute after that.

Payment options

  Cash, Pay Pal, Visa and Master card or money order. Checks are no longer accepted.
A new plan has been added called Client Courtesy Cards. Get 6 Regular Readings at the regular price and get a FREE Mini Reading.

Readings by Mail

The Mail Readings are $60.00.  This is done by sending $60.00 with a list of 5 questions, and a picture of yourself.  The picture will be sent back to you with a taped reading.

Payment options

PayPal, Visa and Master card, or you can send a money order in advance with your questions and picture. Checks are no longer accepted.

Reading by Phone

The Phone readings are $60.00. Tapes are available. Appointments are required.

In addition Psychic Astrology Aynne also does Reiki adjustments and past life regressions. Reiki attunements and treatments rates are variable, however very affordable. Aynne prefers to teach on a one-to-one basis when possible. Level One is $100, Level two is $200 and Level three is $350.

(**these are reduced rates due to the poor economy.)

She is available for house parties, office parties and speaking engagements.