Some Poetry courtesy of Terry Tucker
May not be reproduced without her consent.

Subj: RE: Celestine Web Page (Poetry from Terry)
Date: 97-03-09 14:04:56 EST
From: (Teresa E. Tucker)

Hi Ed,
Noticed you need some poetry; How about the ones I have had published already?

Love, T

Subj: Denver Poem
Date: 97-08-12 01:09:03 EDT
To: CAT9201

Seeds of Change

We came together from worlds apart,
Touched by light of each other's heart.
We shared our experiences and explored each other's pain,
Laughed, cried, and made it through the rain.
We prayed for help for those that are in need.
Our circle of Light changed their course indeed.
We've been touched by the Spirit and are charged with Its Light,
To take these Seeds with us and continue the fight.
As we turn toward our homes with a bit of a sigh,
We can all now say we had a true "Rocky Mountain High!"
We go home changed, each one of us a part,
We are bound by the Spirit and connected from the Heart.

Voices Of The Canyon

Listen, as the voices surround you.
The wind swirls gently, carrying with it music from a far off
riverboat, making its way down the Mississippi.

Listen, as soft sounds of melting ice create an eerie melody.
Branches sway, and hidden animals scurry while you make your way
between the buildings of the old village.

Listen, as you peer in the windows.
Perhaps you'll hear the voices of shopkeepers, or the echo of a hammer
as a blacksmith refits a wheel.

Listen closely, the wind, trees, and animals all sing the history
and tale of "Heritage Canyon".

Listen, and for a moment, step back into the past, as it becomes
the present.

Teresa E. Tucker

A Babe's Eye View

I've been waiting in a warm, safe place filled with soft, gentle rhythms.
You have protected me, kept me from harm; and now it is time for me to enter
your world. Suddenly, I am surrounded by bright images and faces, things that
I don't understand. My eyes try to focus against the light, and I cry out
uncertain where I am. A brief chill passes over me, and I am mysteriously
drawn to a familiar presence. Is it you!? You look different from here, but,
the feeling is the same; I am safe and warm again with your soft, gentle

~~~~Teresa E. Tucker

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